Oben Flats Castlefield Design District

This seven-storey apartment building in Toronto fits comfortably with the scale and immediate context of low-rise commercial and predominantly single-family residential properties. The intensification to the area resulting from the addition of multi-unit housing developments such as Oben Flats provides greater housing choice in an existing vibrant mixed-use community while increasing employment and retail opportunities.

Located on Eglinton Avenue West near Caledonia Road northwest of the downtown core, Oben Flats Eglinton comprises 29 rental apartments varying in size from 645 to 1,150 square feet. Retail space at grade level activates the streetscape, and provides services and opportunities for neighbourhood residents. Surface parking is available at the rear of the building for those with vehicles.
All suites are accessed off a single-loaded corridor and face south onto Eglinton Avenue, taking advantage of direct sunlight and views towards the city centre. To minimize the appearance of the building’s height, the penthouse level is intentionally set back, which creates generously sized terraces for the suites on that floor.

Variably sized composite cement panels in shades of white and charcoal wrap the building. The south façade is articulated by a diversity of balconies, providing welcome outdoor space for residents while engendering a greater sense of community and connection to the street. Ganged balconies form two large interconnecting rectangular frames that create shifts in scale, light and shadow. Slender vertical slot windows along the east and north façades contrast to the side expanses of glazing on the south elevation, framing views and creating a rhythmic sense of movement.

As with all of the Oben developments, a focused attention to quality and detail is present in the public spaces and lobbies of their residential buildings. Striving to create an ambiance of an exclusive European boutique hotel, the lobby is large, welcoming, and features luxe materials and high-end furnishings.

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 111,300 sf

photo: MOT

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