From the moment we opened our doors in 2002, we have been guided by a singular purpose: to create buildings and spaces that are functional, beautiful and unusual. In essence, architecture of true and lasting value.

This is anchored in the belief that great design is a process, not a preconceived idea. Our clients are deeply motivated to create rich and inspiring spaces and places, and we collaborate with them to allow the innate constraints and contingencies of each project to inform our work. We capture the unique character of each and every project; the poetry matters to us, and so does the detail. In our view, thoughtful and considered design is critical to serving our clients and to ensuring a viable future for generations to come. Consequently, the prevailing ethos in our work is one that prioritizes sustainability not as an afterthought but as a foundational principle. We place equal emphasis on the pragmatics of buildability and constructability, and on the implementation of current and progressive building technologies.

Diversity marks our practice in a number of ways. Our team is comprised of dynamic individuals from varied backgrounds who bring valuable skills and experience, and our portfolio encompasses a deliberate range of size and complexity, from residential, institutional and commercial buildings to master planning and feasibility studies. We are honoured and delighted that much of this work has been recognized by numerous architecture and design awards over the years.

With each new project, we embrace yet another opportunity to reimagine and express the physical form of the world we inhabit through the values of our practice. What unifies our work is a deep connection to context and a sense of quiet restraint that permits the natural character of both site and building materials to emerge. For us, great design is honest. It’s just enough.