Broadview + Danforth

University of Toronto, Student Commons

HOEM2 Student Residence

Little Redstone


Ellis House

Jackman House

Raglan Avenue

Memory Labs

Laneway House 1.0

What Remains to be Seen

Junction House

House at Springhill

The Golden Nugget

A Room with a View

Shift Cottage

Proper TV

Aesop Ala Moana

Pier 8

Active Houses

421 Roncesvalles Office Building

Oben Flats Harbord Towns

Stratus Centre

Native Youth Resource Centre

Oben Flats St. Clair West

Compass House

Charles River Associates

House in a Grove

Oben Flats Leslieville

Gradient House


Steelcase WorkLife Toronto

1151 Queen East

Second Life

University of Toronto, Faculty of Information

Oben Flats Castlefield Design District


House on the Archipelago

Mineral Springs

Oben Flats Sherbourne

Aesop Queen Street West

Gorman Park Condo

Royal Ontario Museum Washroom Renewal

Stealth Cabin

Valley House

Newmarket Community Centre

Aesop Rosedale

Tree House

Three Dormer House

Pointe Cabin

St. Joseph Media

St. Andrew’s Market Concept Design

University of Toronto, Chestnut Residence Dining Hall & Offices

Junior Academy

University of Toronto, Sidney Smith Hall

Split House

Fielding Estate Winery

University of Toronto, Dean’s Conference Room

Marlborough House

Reed’s Bay House

Home / Office

Home / Gallery

G-Radiant City

University of Toronto, Enrolment Services Office

University of Toronto, Department of Family and Community Medicine

University of Toronto, Undergraduate Medical Education Suite

Crescent Road House

Canaray Radiology Clinic

Bigwin Golf Cabins

40R Laneway House


Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold