University of Toronto, Enrolment Services Office

The Enrolment Services Office is the symbolic front door of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, acting as a first point of contact for students, prospective students, and their families. Embodying an open-door approach, the new space is fresh, inviting and inclusive.

The Medical Sciences Building, built in 1969, is the largest single building on the University’s St. George Campus. With so many staff, faculty and students working in the building every day, the Faculty of Medicine has undertaken the task of making itself more accessible and visible to its community of users. As part of this initiative, the Enrolment Services Office was relocated to a prominent location on the ground floor of the building, enticing in its new expression of large windows, glass doors, and warm materials. This increased transparency more honestly reflects the Faculty’s values and responsibilities, and those of Enrolment Services. Further enhancements to the project include a modern aesthetic, fresh material palette, unified millwork, new furnishings, and clearly integrated signage to facilitate wayfinding.

Enrolment Services provides a number of private offices for staff, as well as open workstations in a configuration that maximizes access to natural light. A series of formal and casual meeting spaces are located throughout; the main boardroom allows users to control the level of privacy through the use of sliding coloured felt panels, and a window that—with the flick of a switch—becomes instantly opaque, in the interests of privacy.

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 2,070 sf

Photos: Shai Gil

Project Sheet