HOEM2 Student Residence

Commissioned by MPI Group, Superkül is designing HOEM2, a new purpose-built, 10-storey student residence to serve the larger university community and graduate students in particular. Located just south of Allan Gardens on Sherbourne Street, in a heritage district characterized by low-rise buildings, HOEM2 offers a modern reinterpretation of the surrounding historical built context while providing contemporary amenities conducive to study, living, and community for 21st-century students. 

Our team undertook a deep analysis of the neighbourhood’s architectural scale and elements — Mansard roofs, arched entries, customized doors — drawing inspiration for a bespoke podium-and-tower scheme that would blend in with the street. Our podium, which accommodates three levels of residential units and amenity areas with access to outdoor terraces, features a façade that integrates heritage cues within the context of a subtle and respectful contemporary language. 

Because the development requires that we build tight to the lot lines, we were challenged to recuperate as much natural light and “outdoor space” as possible within the confines of the building itself. By carving out a notch on the south side of the ground floor, we were able to integrate an interior courtyard with a green wall that is open to the sky, brings light deep into the floor, and creates a limpid experience from the street, as one is able to peer through the front windows on Sherbourne and see across the space right to the exterior back courtyard. 

Residential units were designed with the efficacy of sailboat living quarters in mind. Everything is thoughtfully positioned — beds, desks, shelves, closets, kitchens, bathrooms, and large windows — to optimize space and maximize experience. We prioritized creating a deeply user-friendly atmosphere, one that encourages spontaneous interactions as well as quiet contemplation. From furniture layouts for informal gathering, to ample outlet locations and acoustical considerations, to greenery and outdoor access, our design anticipates the gamut of student needs. Students will also enjoy a range of amenities, including a gym, rooftop study lounge and BBQ, co-working space, laundry room outfitted with study carrels, screening and games room, conference room, various living rooms, and bike storage. 

Our sustainability goals are targeted to meet or exceed the Toronto Green Standards Tier 2 Version 3 (TGS2 V3), which mandates building energy performance of at least 25% better than Ontario’s Building Code requirements and low-to-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The design incorporates triple-glazing, a high-performance envelope with increased insulation, premium Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), and enhanced construction detailing to achieve optimal airtightness, increased stormwater retention via green roofs, and reduced heat island effects.

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 56,500 sf

Renderings: MOT