Memory Labs

Memory Labs is superkül’s newest retail project. Memory Labs is direct-to-consumer startup that takes legacy family photographs, videos and other media, and converts them to digital format, using museum-quality digitization techniques. 

Located at an uptown open-air shopping development, we divided the space into four distinct areas including retail, office, a production lab and back of house services. The visually expansive retail area is defined by its detailed millwork, large video wall and custom superkül-designed lighting. The space is punctuated by an arched portal leading to the back-of-house and administrative areas. In order to create the optimal conditions for the digitization processes and equipment the company utilizes, the design strategy required special consideration for finishes, lighting and ventilation in all of the production labs.  

Being the first location for this new retail concept without any precedents, superkül worked together with the client to develop their retail program with an aesthetic and functional environment that supports its brand and mission.  

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 2,600 sf

Photos: Scott Norsworthy