Following the success of our Second Life installation for the 2018 DesignTO Festival, superkül’s contribution to the 2019 edition of the Festival was an interactive outdoor installation in the Delisle Parkette in Toronto’s Yonge and St. Clair neighbourhood. Entitled ReflectLive, the installation considers the role of the urban forest as infrastructure offering a space for relief, respite and contemplation, away from a dense and frenetically paced city fabric defined by hulking buildings, vehicular congestion, armies of cyclists and throngs of pedestrians. It also frames the urban forest as a space in which we, as animals, can regain our sense of adventure and play.

Taking its cue from the abundance of trees in the parkette, ReflectLive comprises a whimsical installation of 30 ‘trees’, their trunks wrapped in reflective silver film to capture fragments of the surrounding park elements, bouncing light and images of the landscape back to visitors and passersby. superkül’s choice to site the installation outdoors intentionally engages with the Yonge & St. Clair community, providing round-the-clock accessibility, seven days a week.

The design, construction and execution of this year’s DesignTO installation is a true embodiment of design as a collaborative and iterative process – one that evolves and develops a concept into a realized project, all while adopting a creative and sometimes unorthodox approach to achieve the desired outcome.

ReflectLive was voted one of NOW Magazine’s 10 Best Events at DesignTO. For more information on the team’s work on ReflectLiveplease read further.

Photos: Scott Norsworthy