Second Life

Second Life was an in-situ installation, created in conjunction with Slate Asset Management at 40 St. Clair Avenue West for the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TODO), which ran from January 15th to 21st, 2018.

Construction waste accounts for between 10% and 15% of all material used on a typical project, much of which is lost to landfill or downcycling. Our installation sought to focus awareness on the negative impact that the architecture and design industry can wreak on the environment, and introduced various practices and methodologies available to mitigate the damage caused. Through a series of curated images, we presented waste reframed as opportunity. Our hope was to alter the manner in which construction waste is perceived, and to encourage innovation and the adoption of architectural best practices as part of a larger strategy of sustainability.

Second Life was comprised of two components: a video installation adjacent to a large and commanding wood sculpture. The dynamic looped images tracked the volume and nature of waste generated by a number of local building sites and shops over a series of days through photographs and time-lapse video. The sculptural element – a large bowl-like form fabricated from wood offcuts the size of which would typically be considered unusable, provided a meaningful counterpoint to the video documenting the resource and waste generated through the process of construction.

Photos: Arthur Mola