Fletchers Mall-Image

Fletcher’s Mall

Brampton, Ontario

Following an extensive design investigation and report generated for the client, a strategy was evolved to refresh and update a typical 1980s suburban strip mall. To increase the mall’s presence on busy McLaughlin Road, a new roof canopy wraps the entire L-shaped complex and extends its height. This accomplishes three key objectives: it resolves the problem of accumulating ice falling on pedestrians below while shielding rooftop mechanical units from view and providing much-needed shelter from rain and snow. Clad in vertical bands of black metal siding with charcoal accents, the canopy also features sporadically placed backlit translucent panels. The graphic composition enlivened by the cobalt lightboxes establishes a striking new brand for Fletchers Mall, announcing itself to the community and to passing traffic. As a fundamental part of the canopy and the overall design strategy, new integrated and harmonious retail signage advertises the mall’s tenants. The canopy also establishes a warm and welcoming presence for shoppers through a new soffit clad in wood composite panels, complete with recessed LED pot lights to provide additional illumination on overcast days and in the evenings.

To address the aging aspects of the mall, the brick walls will be repaired, cleaned and painted grey to harmonize with the revised colour palette. Cracked pedestrian walkways will be replaced with fine-grained pavers in three tones of grey to create a rhythmic striped pattern. Asphalt in the parking lot is to be refinished and freshly painted to more clearly delineate vehicular circulation. Parking spaces will be removed and replaced with landscaping and shade trees, creating an organic buffer between the parking lot and the storefronts. Two strips of pavers align with these new landscaped areas and connect to the newly paved pedestrian zone, establishing a clear differentiation from the asphalt driveway and parking lot. New light standards – approximately half the height of the existing flood lights they are to replace – facilitate a more pedestrian scale and allow for a more controlled lighting strategy throughout the parking lot.

photo: superkül