Crescent Road House

Located in Rosedale – a traditional established Toronto neighbourhood – this house reinterprets the materiality and massing of the older homes around it. Having successfully severed their existing lot, the clients built anew on the residual property and sold their old home. With their adult children gone, the new house represents the owners’ current scaled-down needs, which includes the provision of space for an elderly parent living with them.

Expressed in a timeless material palette of red brick and warm ipe, the house features large expanses of glazing on the ground floor that opens up it up front and back, visually extending the space and drawing the street and landscape in.

The social diagram of the house and the needs of its occupants are manifest in its two volumes – the lower two-storey brick and wood box wraps a higher two-and-a-half-storey glazed atrium at the centre of the plan. This atrium both organizes the plan of the house and imbues the interior with light. Adjacent to the atrium, a small lift allows the elderly parent – and eventually the owners – to move easily from one floor to the next. Quite apart from this being a highly liveable, warm and inviting home, the house was designed to anticipate the clients’ needs as they grow older, to facilitate the comfort and dignity of ageing in place.

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 3,000 sf

Photos: Tom Arban