Laneway House 1.0

Laneway House 1.0 represents a new benchmark in laneway housing. Working with developer R-Hauz and RDH Building Science, we designed this new two-storey House to Passive House standards, which means that it will provide a higher level of occupant comfort and far greater energy efficiency than a typical house, old or new.

The House is more affordable than a custom home and quicker to build, because it is both design-build, and largely pre-fabricated. Prefabricated components and panels comprise pre-finished modules that are shipped to site and assembled quickly and efficiently, resulting in a substantially decreased construction cost.

As a property owner you select the best plan layout for your lot; once built, the laneway house can accommodate family, or generate income as a rental apartment.

The model shown here is designed for a 25-foot-wide lot; the first one will be built as a pilot project within the year. It is a two-bedroom, two-storey home with single-car garage parking. A sectional approach to the design prioritizes natural daylight throughout the house. In addition to a bathroom skylight, a series of four contiguous skylights measuring 3’ x 12’ above the stairwell brings light into the core of the house on both floors, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and providing a greater connection to an environment of sky, sun and clouds.

Laneway House 1.0 represents an opportunity for architects, developers, homeowners and renters to work together to advance sustainability, building responsibly and intelligently without sacrificing beauty or liveability. Moreover, it is an innovative and exciting new opportunity for homeowners to modify their properties in a very site- and condition-specific way that benefits not only their immediate circumstances but also those of the community. Through these small, incremental steps, an increase in urban density and intensification is achieved, engendering a vibrant, healthy and dynamic city for generations to come.

In effect, the next big thing is actually a whole bunch of little things.

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 1,225 sf

Renderings: superkül