Tree House

Situated on a long and narrow steeply sloping site and backing on to a picturesque ravine just west of High Park, Tree House is an integrated piece of architecture and landscape that provides 3,000 square feet of living space for a family of five.

Designed to carefully integrate into the surrounding streetscape, the house presents as an appropriate and contextually scaled two-storey structure whose façade of dark, iron-toned glazed brick successfully plays off its neighbours. The dramatic topographical variation in site works to the project’s advantage, with the rear of the house cascading down as a structured series of plateaus, featuring discreet wood-clad decks and large glazed surfaces that offer unobscured views of the densely treed ravine.

The interior spaces cater to the functional needs of the family without compromising on form. The main floor is host to an open-concept kitchen with a walk-out terrace and dining area, while the living room, separated by a massive stone fireplace, offers the first of many panoramic views of the ravine’s lush growth. The traditional program of the upper level is uniquely defined by a two-storey light well that introduces sunlight into the heart of the house – along with an elegant bridge that connects the master suite and children’s rooms. Finally, below street level, the layout includes the children’s playroom, an office and a secluded family room that opens onto a spacious deck, defining a perfect balance of urban edifice and green refuge.

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 3,000 sf

Photos: Tom Arban