Mississauga Secondary School Clubhouse

superkül is currently engaged in the design and construction of a two-storey clubhouse on the grounds of Mississauga Secondary School. The structure allows direct entry to a 30-metre-high air-supported steel-and-fabric dome, which permits year-long use of an athletic field that was previously underutilized during the winter months. Students will have exclusive use of the facility during the day; after school hours, the clubhouse can accommodate a variety of athletic programs, providing a secondary source of revenue for the client, Razor Management Inc.

Intended as a highly visible iconic gateway structure welcoming students, user groups and visitors to the site, the 15,000-square-foot clubhouse distinguishes itself with bright, crisp hues that reference the school’s official colours of blue and white. Insulated metal panel comprises the building’s exterior cladding and envelope, adopting a language of folded planes to accentuate its form. An inflected entry sequence encourages people to funnel into the striking 60-metre-long bar building, where they can bask in a soaring light-filled atrium lobby.

The ground-floor program includes administrative offices, change areas, washrooms, a classroom and dome storage, while the second floor features two additional classrooms and a large multipurpose space suitable for activities such as yoga or pilates. Here, on the interior, colour plays as significant a role as it does on the exterior: walls are constructed of durable painted concrete block—bright yellow upstairs and light blue downstairs—animating the clubhouse with a lively dynamic that echoes its function and purpose. Windows on either side of the building are intentionally aligned to establish a language of through views, maximizing exposure to natural daylight while continually referencing both site and landscape.