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Taking its cue from superkül’s earlier Home/Office project, Home/Gallery is located a few kilometres east along the same street in Toronto’s west end and remakes a two-storey commercial/residential building into a young family’s live-work headquarters. This first of several intended phases included the reconstruction of the front façade and the renovation of the ground floor as a commercial art gallery and office. The owners, one of whom runs the gallery (the other is a writer), live upstairs with their two children in a long, linear space that provides compact but comfortable living within an elegant material palette.

Future phases include the construction of a writing studio and courtyard out back, and the addition of a third floor to meet the growing needs of the family as it evolves. The project delivers a fluid live-work environment for the family, one in which the parenting duties and the demands of work are more easily shared and accommodated. Fundamentally, this model of family living is reflective of the increasingly common reality of in situ telecommuting, but also of a preference for living in an intensified urban context. It is significant to note that—as a successful model of urban sustainability and revitalization—this project has spurred the development of many other mixed-use infill hybrids in the immediate vicinity and in other Toronto neighbourhoods.

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 2,190 sf

Photos: Shai Gil