Junction House

Rising nine storeys at the corner of Dundas Street West and Watkinson Avenue, Junction House will be a defining landmark at the eastern edge of Toronto’s thriving Junction neighbourhood. This mid-rise condominium building proposes a residential alternative to both house and high-rise, achieving critical density while maintaining human scale and a sensitive response to context. Retail at grade ensures a continuously active street edge that translates into a positive contribution of commercial enterprise to the community. Three floors of underground parking accommodate 63 vehicles, and space for over 150 bicycles encourages an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

The first five floors of Junction House are clad in an earthy textured red brick that echoes the materiality of the historic neighbourhood buildings, while the uppermost floors are defined by a paler neutral-toned brick that minimizes the perception of height by merging discreetly with cloud and sky. By placing the windows at an oblique angle in the two-storey units comprising the upper half of the building, residents will enjoy prime views of the downtown skyline. Moreover, the angled windows articulate a rhythmic cadence to the street-facing façade, resulting in a dynamic and highly engaging quality to passersby.

Junction House comprises 150 residential units including seven laneway townhouse suites. With a range of unit sizes and layouts featuring up to three bedrooms, the complex accommodates singles and couples of any age, but also families and larger households that require greater privacy and spatial separation. Generous balconies in these larger units permit living space to spill outdoors, granting residents unlimited access to fresh air, sunlight and enjoyment of the cinematic possibilities of the neighbourhood; modest Juliette balconies on the lower-level units achieve these very same goals.

Location: Toronto, ON
Size: 155,000 sf

Photos: Norm Li

Project Sheet