York Security Offices (03) - 1024 x 693 300 dpi

Security Control Centre

Located in the William Small Centre on York University’s primary Keele campus, Security Services forms the nucleus of the campus’s security control, enforcement, dispatch and awareness functions. The facility is a 24/7 operation, housing camera and alarm-monitoring stations while serving as the “front door” for campus security services and relations.

Several challenges prevented smooth and efficient operations; superkül has addressed these issues in their design for a new Security Control Centre (SCC) by creating an optimal working environment for staff, one that better allows them to serve the security needs of the students, faculty, staff and greater community of the University. A fully transparent entry area with vibrant graphics and a custom thermo-formed reception desk sets the tone for the space and welcomes visitors to the new face of campus security. Here, security staff can meet with and assist the campus community without being separated by concrete walls and bullet-proof glass, fulfilling the goal of creating a welcoming public interface.

Behind the reception area, the highly secure control room promotes security and safety as a top priority. The space is equipped with six sit-stand video-monitoring console desks, and a state-of-the-art video surveillance wall. The room is also equipped with a dedicated HVAC and electrical matrix, allowing it to run independently in the event of an emergency. Also included in the project are open workstations, private offices, an interview room, a barrier-free washroom and a briefing room.

photo: Tom Arban