Toronto Arts Council/Foundation Offices

The Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation (TAC/F) is an arm’s-length body that supports the development, accessibility and excellence of the arts by offering grants programs to the city’s art organizations and professional artists. Achieved with a modest budget, this project involved the design and construction of the TAC/F’s new offices on the second floor of a new condominium building for its professional staff and volunteer committees.

The space was designed to be bright, flexible and welcoming through an abundance of natural light and a brightly hued palette. An open reception area effectively incorporating the organization’s branding—along with a gallery space—cheerfully welcomes visitors, while bands of vibrant colour are featured on internal walls to provide a playful element to the space.

Flexibility was introduced through the provision of a sliding wall that allows for one large meeting room to be divided into two, enabling multiple meetings to occur simultaneously. Similarly, private offices are paired with open workstations to allow the organization to accommodate additional staff and volunteers when required.

Maximizing daylight was crucial to the design. Instead of artificially lit internal circulation paths, a single-loaded corridor skirts the glazed perimeter of the space to bathe those perambulating the office in natural light. Light streams in, reaching even the private offices and meeting rooms through internal glass walls. Additionally, the open workstations located along the southwest perimeter are designed with low partition screens to facilitate the entry and flow of natural light. The resulting space provides a fresh, functional and dynamic working environment for TAC/F staff, reflecting the mandate of the organization.

photo: Shai Gil