Universal Music Canada

Toronto, Ontario

superkül is currently engaged in the design of the new Canadian headquarters for Universal Music, a global music company with locations around the world. A shift from its current headquarters to a more central urban location in Toronto’s Liberty Village will provide over 150 staff with 40,000 square feet of space on three levels in a brand-new, five-storey building.

Our design strategy is built on Universal Music Canada’s goal of creating an environment that communicates and reinforces the company’s ethos. It will be a welcoming, timeless and vibrant space built on the textures and rhythms that characterize the quintessential and creative heart of its business. 


With the building program dispersed over three levels, pronounced vertical connections will enhance collaboration and communication. The upper floors are a mix of open work space and meeting/collaboration space. An internal “street” organizes the plan; the periphery of each floor is kept open to maximize the amount of natural light permeating the space. Meeting rooms, breakout spaces and open lounges are designed throughout the floors to provide the space for staff collaboration and teamwork. Additionally, flexibility of use is achieved through the provision of several multi-purpose spaces that can accommodate town hall meetings, artists’ performances, recording sessions, private parties and impromptu pop-up events—all of which reflect the dynamic nature of Universal Music’s culture.

photo: superkül