Commercial Interiors – Product Lines Overview

Wentworth Associates – Distributor of various commercial product lines with the following cross-section of manufacturers available for consideration:

1)  Hadrian: Toilet Partitions and Metal Lockers

– metal, stainless steel and plastic toilet partitions
– several different sizes for different privacy options for metal and stainless (Standard, Elite, Elite Plus)
-manufactured in Burlington, Ontario

 2) Bradley: Washroom accessories, plastic lockers, plastic laminate, phenolic partitions     

– alternate product to Bobrick, offer alternate curved aesthetic to Bobrick ‘Contura’ called ‘Diplomat’
-all products have Revit based BIM model available for download:

3) Dorma:
– Frameless glass door and wall hardware, Grade 1 Architectural Hardware, Automatic Door Operators (pivot and sliding), Crane Revolving Doors
– Glass hardware made in Germany and US
– Architectural hardware longest warranties in industry (25 years for surface closers, 10 years for most exits and locks, etc)
-Wentworth Associates Ltd. Can assist with consultation with glass hardware and others and write glass hardware specific ‘hardware schedules’ (ask for past examples)

4) RCI: Electronic access control systems for openings

-specializing in custom/specialty electronic locking for non-door applications (cabinetry, medical carts, etc.

5) Ambico – Engineered doors and frames

– STC wood and steel door assemblies (independently tested as working assemblies)
– blast and bullet resistant assemblies
– stainless steel doors and frames, decorative doors and frames

 6) Special Lite – Alternate to heavy-duty hollow metal doors: Doors with minimum 10 year warranty to limited lifetime warranty

– FRP (Fibreglass reinforced polyester) doors, especially effective on doors that are traditional used and abused
– construction reduces stress on frame and hardware, allows flexibility on impacts to prevent/reduce denting and damage, FRP face sheets do not require much maintenance, resist graffiti and scratching, don’t require painting or much upkeep
– traditionally used in schools, arenas and any high-impact/abuse areas